The planned Workshop is focused on evaluation of current state and prospects of development of R&I areas included within RIS3 strategy in many European countries with particular focus on regional cooperation of CEE countries. The overall objectiveof the Workshop is to further promote Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) with the focus on CEE countries in the field of Biotechnology ranging from industrial biotechnology, biobased industries and bioeconomy, through environmental, agro-food biotechnology up to medicinal and pharma biotechnologies. The Workshop aims at providing a forum for discussion between multi-sectorial stakeholders to share knowledge and experience and to formulate recommendations on national and regional level towards increasing smart specialization, competitiveness and impact on related biotech industries, strengthening the regional cooperation within European research programs and cooperation with international organizations such as JRC-EC, ICGEB, CEI.

Expected outcomes

  • Increased awareness and sharing of knowledge and experience on the key issues of biotechnologies and biobased industry, relevant to RIS3 strategy.
  • Briefing on the new technologies and their potential role to improve bioeconomy in the field of biobased industrial products and processes, advanced biofuels, biorefineries, biomaterials, as well as agro-food, pharma and medicinal biotechnology and related industry.
  • Sharing of knowledge and lessons learned from other ongoing initiatives in the area of biotechnologies promoted by international organizations and bodies (JRC EC, CEI, ICGEB) targeting the synergies among various initiatives, their concertation in the CEE region.
  • Strengthening of collaboration of CEE countries with CEI, JRC EC and ICGEB.
  • Recommendations on the way forward focusing on the promoting regional cooperation such as Danube Initiative, CEI network, and strengthening participation of CEE institutions in their programs including also Horizon 2020 programs.