3rd September 2017 (Sunday)

18:00-21:00 Early registration of participants at the Registration Desk

19:00-21:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Walk in the Historical City Centre of Bratislava - optional

4th September 2017 (Monday)

8:00-8:45 Registration of participants at the Registration Desk

9:00-9:20 Opening session: welcome and greetings

  • Prof. S. Miertuš (University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava & ICARST)
  • Prof. J. Lehotay, vice-rector of UCM
  • JRC-EC (Dr. G. Van Den Eede), CEI (Dr. P. Canciani), ICGEB (Prof. M. Giacca)
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences (Prof. P. Samuely, vice-president SAS)
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic (representative of minister)
  • Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Dr. Z. Chudá, MFEA, Slovakia)
  • Board of Government of Slovak Republic for Research and Innovation (Prof. J. Pastorek, vice-Chairman)

Introduction to smart specialisation strategy (Chair: Prof. S. Miertuš)

9:20 Smart specialisation strategy in Europe, JRC-EC current programs and future perspectives (Dr. J. Goméz Prieto, JRC-EC, Smart Specialisation Platform, Spain)

9:50 RIS3 strategy in Slovakia - current state and relevance to Biotechnology (Prof. J. Pastorek, vice-Chairman of the Board of Government of Slovak Republic for Research and Innovation)

10:10-10:30 Coffee break

Key lectures (Chairs: Dr. P. Canciani and Prof. B. Kamm)

10:30 Opportunities in Biotechnology (Prof. K. Gartland, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)

11.00 Biogas plants - A core component for small scale biorefinery concepts (Prof. M. Kaltschmitt, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

11:30 Novel breeding technologies (Dr. G. Van Den Eede, JRC-EC, Belgium)

12:00 Future medicinal biotechnologies (Prof. M. Giacca, ICGEB, Italy)

12:30 Discussion

13:00-14.00 Lunch

International programs to support biotechnologies and biobased industries development relevant to RIS3 (EC Horizon 2020, ICGEB, JRC-EC, CEI)

14:00 The smart specialization thematic platforms, promoting interregional cooperation towards joint businesses (Dr. J. Gómez Prieto, JRC-EC, Spain)

14:30 Biotechnology programme at ICGEB (Prof. M. Giacca, ICGEB, Italy)

15:00 CEI regional programs on bioeconomy, advanced biofuels and biotechnology (Dr. P. Canciani, CEI, Italy)

Industrial and environmental biotechnologies: R&D and biobased industries (Chairs: Prof. M. Kaltschmitt and Prof. K. Gartland)

15:20 Biomass value chain (availability, logistic, transformation technologies, applications) (P. von Bothmer, FNR, Germany)

15:40 Biocatalysis: an efficient tool of industrial biotechnology (Prof. R. Kourist, TU Graz, Austria)

16:10-16:30 Coffee break

16:30 Producing biobased chemicals using industrial biotechnology (Prof. B. Kamm, Wood-Kplus, Austria)

17:00 Case studies for biotechnological polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolyester production from (agro) industrial surplus materials (Dr. M. Koller, University of Graz, Austria)

17:30 Case study of algae production integration to waste water treatment: introduction of the Climate-KIC MAB2.0 project (Dr. M. Gyalai-Korpos, PANNON Pro Innovations Ltd., Hungary)

17:50 Remediation and environmental biotechnologies (Dr. P. Kaszycki, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland)

18:10 Discussion

19:00 Dinner - Welcome party accompanied by folklore music and dancing

5th September 2017 (Tuesday)

"Green" agro-food biotechnologies (Chairs: Dr. G. Van Den Eede and Prof. P. Kaszycki)

8:30 The plant microbiome and next generation agriculture (Prof. V. Venturi, ICGEB, Italy)

9:00 Food biotechnology and biotechnological foods (Prof. A. Slavica, University of Zagreb, Croatia)

9:30 The role of biotechnology in Slovak animal production (Prof. J. Rafay, UCM, Slovakia)

Medicinal and pharma biotechnologies

Pharmacology, gene therapy, diagnostics (Chairs: Prof. E. Sykova, Prof. Venturi and Dr. I. Lacík)

9:50 Proprotein convertase 1/3 inhibited macrophages: A novel therapeutic based on Drone macrophages (Prof. F. Rodet, University of Lille, France)

10:10 Gene therapy for heart diseases (Dr. S. Zacchigna, ICGEB, Italy )

10:30-10:50 Coffee break

10:50 Biomarkers development for early detection of cancer: reducing the burden of cancer in the ageing society (Prof. G. Fassina, Xeptagen, Italy)

11:20 Diagnostic potential of biosensors in medicinal biotechnology and biomedicine (Dr. J. Tkáč, SAS, Slovakia)

11:40 Emerging therapies and therapeutic concepts for lysosomal storage diseases (Prof. T. Beccari, University of Perugia, Italy)

12:00 Health aspects and molecular mechanisms of action of Vitamin D (Prof. A. Moulas, Technological Education Institute, Greece)

12:20 Discussion

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Stem cells, tissue engineering, bioadditive manufacturing and regenerative medicine (Chairs: Prof. T. Beccari and Prof. S. Pastoreková)

14:00 Stem cells and biomaterials for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (Prof. E. Sykova, The Institute of Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic)

14:30 Biotechnologically reconstructed human tissue models in toxicity testing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (Dr. H. Kandarova, MatTek Corp., Slovakia)

14:50 Multi-scale polymeric constructs scaffolds for tissue engineering (Prof. F. Chiellini, University of Pisa, Italy)

15:20 Additive manufacturing in regenerative medicine (Prof. R. Hudák, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia)

15:40 Encapsulated pancreatic islets: the next generation diabetes treatment (Dr. I. Lacik, SAS, Slovakia)

16:00 Opportunities for biosimilar drugs (Dr. M. Baralle, ICGEB, Italy)

16:20-16:40 Coffee break

Development of national and regional cooperation in biotechnologies - role of biotechnology centers and clusters, bioeconomy (Chairs: Prof. M. Dündar and Dr. J. Gómez Prieto)

16:40 Key programs and international cooperation of Biomedicinal center of SAS (Prof. S. Pastoreková, SAS, Slovakia)

17:00 The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology - towards regional research networks for the bioeconomy (Prof. R. Kourist, TU Graz, Austria)

17:20 BIOEAST: Central and Eastern European Initiative for knowledge-based agriculture, aquaculture and forestry in bioeconomy (Dr. V. Vasary, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Hungary)

17:40 Bioeconomy: the key issues in Europe (Dr. J. Kreysa, JRC-EC, Belgium)

18:10-19:00 Discussion

19:00 Dinner

20:00-22:00 POSTER SESSION - Discussions at posters and Laser show

6th September 2017 (Wednesday)

From research to innovation and to industry in biotechnology, public-private partnership, future biobased high tech industries (Chairs: Prof. G. Fassina and Prof. R. Kourist)

9:00 Overcoming barriers to biotechnology SME creation within the CEE region (Dr. M. Dettenhofer, CEITEC, Czech Republic)

9:20 A concrete offer by ICGEB for transferring know-how to industry (Dr. N. Skoko, ICGEB, Italy)

9:40 Biotechnology: from the lab to the industrial scale and market (B. Vanlerberghe, Bio Based Europe Pilot Plant, Belgium)

10:00 From research and innovation to high tech in diagnostics: The experience of MAGI in combating rare genetic diseases (Dr. M. Bertelli, MAGI, Italy)

10:20-10:40 Coffee break

Country reports and regional cooperation (IBT, biobased industry, medicinal biotechnologies high tech industries- RIS3 - selected CEE countries) (Chairs: Prof. V. Nedović, Dr. M. Dettenhofer and Prof. H. Dürrstein)

10:40 Biotechnology in Slovakia - current situation (Prof. J. Turňa/Prof. S. Stuchlík, University of Comenius, Slovakia)

11:00 Current state of biotechnology and prospects in Ukraine in the view of Smart strategy (Prof. Y. Blume, Ukraine)

11:20 Knowledge on biodiversity as a platform for competitive biotechnology development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prof. L. Pojskic, INGEB, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

11:40 Current state of biotechnology and prospects in Croatia (Prof. Z. Kurtanjek, University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Regional cooperation in biotechnologies - potential role of international programs (Chairs: Dr. M. Bertelli and Dr. M. Gyalai-Korpos)

12:00 Initiatives for promoting bioeconomy- national experiences and recommendations for the Danube Region (Prof. H. Dürrstein, BOKU, Austria)

12:15 Applications of biotechnology and EBTNA (Prof. M. Dündar, EBTNA, Turkey)

12:30 Central European Initiative - CEI: Towards a Danube Bioeconomy RTI strategy (Dr. P. Canciani, CEI, Italy)

12:45 ICGEB activities in Central and Eastern Europe (Prof. V. Venturi, ICGEB, Italy)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00 Working groups (WGs) discussion on regional cooperation in biotechnologies focusing on smart specialization

15:00 Preparation of proposals on regional cooperation by individual WGs under coordination of each WG leader - rapporteur

15:30-16:00 Presentation of WG proposals by WG leaders (rapporteurs), plenary discussion, recommendation and conclusions